Will your customers follow you too like these birds in Scott’s sculpture?

Art teaches us! In Andy Scott’s sculpture, Stride, birds “follow” this fast moving, determined walker to his destiny. What can you do to get your customers to follow you too?  Is it just your product or service? I would argue that without a deep commitment to the details and service too, there will be no following your brand. These birds are following this individual on a journey. Get your customers to follow you too!

We will talk about

  • Andy Scott’s Stride sculpture
  • Followings – Millenial Favorites, A Magic Dragon’s Concert and Theme Cruises
  • Steps to create your own brand following

Andy Scott Sculptures

Andy Scott graduated from the Glasgow School of Art and creates beautiful sculptures around the world from his Philadelphia, PA workshop. His horse sculptures, the Kelpies, are visited by millions. This sculpture, Stride, placed at the center of a Scotland round-about, not only depicts a strong character but the gently following of birds along the journey.  It reminds us that we all can have customers that follow us too!

What Millennials Follow

In the March 9, 2018 Don Reisinger Fortune article “These Are the Brands Millennials Are Emotionally Attached To” they report that a MBLM study shows that Apple and Disney are the brands millennials are most emotionally tied to. This emotional connection then creates brand loyalty and sales. By creating a strong, consistent brand image, millennials follow them just like these Stride birds.

How Performing Artists Get Fan’s to Follow

While at the March Qualtrics 4X conference, Dan Reynolds, lead singer for the Magic Dragons, talked about what it takes to create and maintain a great following in the music industry. A key practice for each concert is making sure each band member is completely committed to each performance. He asks them to try to perform the song as if it was brand new each time. And, if you notice at any concert, there is a well-rehearsed movement of equipment on stage. It just doesn’t happen magically.  Dan later performed at the conference and clearly showed the complete commitment and attention to every detail. We all stood waiting to get in by the thousands, and yes, all that commitment to details lead to a great concert and fan following.

Theme Cruises Create Followings too

The cruise industry no longer depends solely on customers wanting a generic cruise. Themed cruises create a brand new following around special interest groups – Star Wars, Hard Rock, Weight Watchers, Wine Lovers, etc… It works! These special interest groups will follow that cruise line and return year after year to these themed cruises just to experience their hobby while traveling.

Getting customers to follow you

How can you get your customers to follow you? Can you create a few irresistible events around your business theme that then brings them back in or to purchase on other days too? Can you leverage consistent, great, friendly service to be your own version of a themed cruise? And yes, a mystery shopping program can make sure that your service is consistent. Pay attention. Do you stand out in the crowd when it comes to service? Do you have an image that customer choose to follow? If not start to create one! Think about

  • Leveraging loyalty to other interests/hobbies
  • Create consistency for your customer experience
  • Make your brand better than others

Mystery Shopping Services

Why not create a brand that your customers choose to prefer or choose over others. If you want us to help you quickly and easily set up a program to confirm your brand consistency, we’re ready!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping clients create consistency nationally!

Image courtesy of https://www.adventuresaroundscotland.com/scotland-travel-blog/photoblog-following-the-andy-scott-sculpture-trail

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