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Will newly hired team members provide better service if you acknowledge them like Steve has been acknowledged for this photo?


You bet they will! Especially millennials! Art teaches us! Sometimes it’s contests/awards and sometimes it’s just simple acknowledgements. Steve Biro created this beautiful photograph with precise skill and expertise.  Your newly hired team has skills in service that you might just have taught them or that they had in their back pocket all along.  Why not do some serious acknowledgement when great service is observed by you or in a program. Define what you want your service to be and then reward those that mirror it! Steve has been acknowledged around the world for this photo. Do the same with your team when they provide great service.

Let’s talk a bit about

  • Steve Biro
  • Defining your customer experience guideline
  • Acknowledging it all the time – what you see!
  • Start a contest tied to mystery shopping – what your customers see!

Steve Biro’s Acknowledgement

As reported by Colossal in the May 22, 2019 article “Bruce the Eagle Gets His 15 minutes of Fame in a Symmetical Glamour Shot by Photographer Steve Biro”, Steve is definitely a pro! He knew just when to take this shot at the Canadian Raptor Conservatory in Victoria, Ontario. It’s wasn’t luck. It was skill and attention to detail that is now being acknowledged by People Magazine online, at Colossal, at MSN online etc…  We all acknowledge his unbelievable skill and you should acknowledge employees who provide great service as well.

Getting started – Tell them what good service is!

You lead, they follow! What do you want service to be? And how do you want them do say or do it. Let them know to stop and look up and smile without being distracted when helping a customer. Of course, give them flexibility but provide some direction. Steve Biro planned his photo so do the same with service. Plan what you want your brand image to be.

Good team members want to be acknowledged

When you notice the naturally service focused employees, say something to them in passing. Thank them verbally or even just send a smile their way. Help all the others understand service. Talk about it at each huddle or meeting. Mention something you noticed at work or a good example from the news.

Start a mystery shopping program – make it a contest!

Make providing good service interesting and fun, especially given the hiring shortage! Employees want to do a good job and if they find you will acknowledge them for providing great service even when you are not looking, they are much more likely go pay attention to those details. Train them, thank them yourself and then let us send some mystery shoppers in to see if they make your customer experience great even you’re not looking. Make it a contest! Take the high scored mystery shops and reward that team or that individual. They will love it and your customers will too!

Steve Biro has been acknowledge all week long for his really outstanding photography and I’m sure that has been rewarding for him. Take every chance you can get to acknowledge your team for great service and even add a mystery shopping program to make it fun! Why not!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, Helping corporations create great service!

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