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When GPS leaves your customers in the parking lot (“Arrived!”), what does that do to your customer experience?

Art teaches us! When you see all these trash people in the street, does it remind you of your customers being left standing in the parking lot by GPS? Well, it should. Customers want to be directed all the way to their item, order counter or restaurant table.  HA Schult created this exhibit of 1,000 trash people at locations around the globe. HA Shult was clear. He wanted to heighten our awareness about trash. The trash people stuck outside all lined up reminds me of how I feel when my GPS tells me “Arrived” and I can’t even see the name of the restaurant or store, much less how to find the product or what type of restaurant service to expect. What can you do to not lose that business and direct your customers the rest of the way?

Let’s discuss

  • HA schult, the artist
  • Directing customers to at least your door/explain your process
  • If looking for a particular item, map them all the way there.

HA Schult

German artist HA Schult has displayed his 1,000 trash people in cities around the globe to create awareness about trash waist. Just the size of the exhibit alone has brought crowds at each exhibit from China to the Arctic. Schult tries to highlight ecological issues with his works and his message has resonated clearly. He is often called an “eco-art pioneer”.


Just yesterday, I was looking for a Burgerim at a local shopping area that was new to me. As Google maps tells me “arrived”, all I see is the back of a Penny’s store. Only when I drove around, did I find the location on a side area quite a distance away. Is that ok? I drove past other food options and could easily have stopped elsewhere. What can you do to leverage technology to get them all the way to your location or item?

TIP – Find a way with technology or words somewhere to help customers find your location easily. Use an app, add to a location description or find a way to literally map me all the way there like Uber or Google Maps.


Let’s say I want to see first-hand a nice dress for a wedding at Dillard’s or a Halloween costume at the Party City I notice at their websites. Today, GPS would only take me to the parking lot, not to the department of the store or the actual item.

Map it! Literally map me all the way to my item of interest just like the “walking” option on google maps. I would somehow click on the item easily and a map of the store would pop up and direct me all the way to that item starting at the parking lot.

General instructions! Or somewhere online, tell me exactly where to find it, what floor, what it’s near etc.. At a minimum, tell me what aisle or have your staff direct you to the item.. Lowes does this but ONLY online not once you get there. Other retailers know what you checked out online and help you find it. I would prefer to just walk to the item myself.

Traditionally, you think of technology as only to address needs once they are at your location. What can you do to make sure they get there before getting discouraged or diverted to a competitor?

Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, helping corporations provide consistent service.

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