To keep up with the Jones’s and try out new customer journeys, do you end up with just a 3D illusion instead of great service?


These 3D chalk artists create illusions, but do you really want to do that with your customer experience? AI, multiple versions of delivery, dining and retail settings are great but are your service levels still intact? 3D chalk art dates back to the 1700s and if viewed at a certain angles, the art appears to be real. Make sure your new customer journey processes stand the test of time and reality too!

3D Chalk Art Creates An Illusion

Art teaches us. In Dustin Heap’s Article “101 Awesome 3D Street Painting and Famous Artists” on August 20, 2013 at, he takes you through a comprehensive list of street art. It’s simply amazing! Be inspired. Make sure your new retail, grocery or restaurant experiences are amazing too. This chalk art makes you see the risks of a broken bridge. It reminds us to keep our customer journey intact. Don’t let bells and whistles diminish your well-earned  brand reputation.

What could go wrong with delivery services?

Service has to be real, not just an illusion. Right up front, it costs more. Then, as you hand off delivery to Grubhub, Doordash and others, what happens at the door when items are delivered? Is the delivery timely, friendly, food still hot and fresh? If not, how does that effect your branding? Are you customers going to see that as a reflection of your brand or will they really separate delivery service as a separate company? Don’t kid yourself. They will still want great service! Make the delivery is up to your standards.

What could go wrong with texting when items are in stock?

As a retailer, text messages to conveniently notify customers when an item is in stock sounds great! How do you keep that connection or does the customer arrive and no one knows what they are talking about. Be careful. Ask questions. The store staff must be interested in the customer’s needs and carry through enthusiastically. If the retail team is still cold and indifferent, the texting won’t help.

What could go wrong with app reservations or ordering?

Is your app reservation or order pickup process clear to both those using it and your customers waiting in long lines while others pass them up? Have you ever been in a restaurant or coffee shop and others just pass you by to get their table or pick up their order? It is annoying if not explained. Just a few simple well marked spots or words can make all the difference. Let individuals waiting know that the person served ahead of them simply reserved a table or ordered before coming. Make it clear to all. If not, some loyal customers just won’t come back.

Build a Sound Customer Experience Bridge

 Don’t compromise your brand image for new things that might actually diminish your overall customer journey. Have a vision in mind for what service needs to be and stick to it. No illusions. Reach out to your customers and make sure all the details are working. Mystery shopping can also be used as a tool to check and make sure the fine details are consistently implemented all the time. Take all of the new wonderful ideas and make sure they are not a 3D illusion but an even better customer journey than you had before.

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, help clients create consistent great service!


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