This Joep Buijs’ painting captured the happiness mood, can you do so too in your holiday customer journey?

Burn this image into your brain for the next 60 days. Make customer happiness your goal this busy service season. You decide. What large and small things can you do to bring this kind of happiness mood to your customers? In a busy restaurant, online with delivery, in a store, make it happen. The happiness captured by Joep Buijs is exactly what each person wants this holiday season. Why go in a store or restaurant or by online if no one cares when you get there? Fix that.

Joep Buijs

You won’t find his artwork in museums. He sells from his shop in Amsterdam. Having lost his twin brother at birth and his father while only 4, Amsterdam artist Joep Buijs decided to study and participate in life by becoming a creator of art. After law school, art and meditation training, he opened up his own art studio. He believes that art is life! And as part of that, he paints while standing in his store front window and listens to feedback. As you know, great service is an art too. With patience and attention to detail, you can create and maintain this same happy feeling that Joep created.

Below Five Did Yesterday

After reading an article about the Below Five success, I thought I should stop. They had the holidays figured out for sure by blending atmosphere with a friendly team.

–         Giftable items were everywhere,

–         Fun Christmas music playing,

–         Bright, clean, interesting displays of all shapes.

–         The staff matched that too. They were upbeat during the check out,

–         Offered toys for tots, scanned them and put the item right in the gift bin so you could see it and

–         Offered discounted items right at the checkout for those that qualified. No need to come back in or wait in line again. Just say yes and the extra item was in your bag. Great concept!

Joeb clearly created happiness in this painting and you can create happiness too. Even in a discount store like Five Below, there was some seasonal fun going on and shoppers were buying!

Service anywhere – festive feeling helps

  • Set the mood. Play some music softly in a restaurant or turn up some festive tunes in a retail store. Put up some decorations tastefully for fine dining or make a statement throughout your store.
  • Apologize for long lines. If there is a wait on the phone, at a restaurant or retailer, simply say “I’m sorry for the wait”. Let’s your team know what you think is a long wait time. If you can, thank shoppers for their patience even while they are still in line. And see what you can do to shuffle staff around to get the lines down or all the calls answered.
  • Storefronts should focus on gift giving. Customers want choices. When shopping for someone else, you want to go and “get ideas”. What a great advantage over online! Lay out the store to create lots of giftable moments.
  • Online as to have timely delivery. Online is super easy. No need to take a gift home and wrap it etc.. But online retailers have to make sure you have the items in stock and that they are delivered as promised or earlier.
  • Make it fun for your team. After a busy day, have something in the back for them. There are cute signs you can make tied to candy… “Thank you, you saved us” with lifesavers etc.. Come up with a few and put a fun thank you note by the bowl.

Start today!

There’s really nothing new to discover, just think about the emotion in this Joep happy face each day. I hope it inspires you! Start today to keep the next 60 days fun for all! And yes, we can quickly create a mystery shopping program to see if your plans are implemented at all locations and calls.

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping clients create consistent service with mystery shopping programs.!

Art piece found at:–schilderijen-paintings-joep-buijs.htm

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