There’s a good man in there somewhere – or is there?

It’s a choice to have “a good man” image, isn’t it? “Good man” is just a phrase/term (it could be woman too). If your organization as a whole does not reflect the image you conjure up when you say the phrase “a good man”, then take a step back with new eyes and fix the flaws.  Maybe you have changed your product, or automated the check-out process or added layers to your voice response that didn’t end up being a “good” thing for your customers? If you want “a good man” image both internally and externally, reassess your brand periodically.

What’s your Good Man?

When you say someone is “a good man”, it defines someone that might have flaws but would give you the shirt off their back. My dad was “a good man”, a big Irish guy with bad taste in clothes but would help anyone from any walk of life whenever needed at all cost.   This phrase was also the title of the last Madmen episode on May 17, 2015. Again, Don was flawed, but had good qualities as well. Size up what you think should be the components of your organizations reflection of  “a good man”. Maybe it’s superior quality products, friendliness, consistency, reliability, flexibility for employees, etc… What should it be for your customer base and employees? Don’t skip over the impact of recent automation and cost savings – they have to improve things too. We are a collection of our choices. Make sure there’s still “a good man” in there somewhere.

Step back to see art

To really see your whole organization, step back. If you get too close to a picture or piece of art you lose the whole effect. This Geneva, Switzerland sculpture, called “Melancholy” was created by Albert Grorgy. It shows an empty space for what is to be inside a man and make him appear heartless, empty, cold, and indifferent. Pause for a moment to self-check your company and brand. That image is a choice you make each day.

How your “good man” effect can get lost

The pitfalls are there… don’t turn a blind eye to them. Here are a few:



Voice response

This might be the worst offender. Do you really NEED all this call tracking/routing? Why not just minimize it most of the time and use AI or simple data analysis to project staffing/call volume. Stop torturing your clients with huge VR options.


Did you set up a kiosk for ordering or take orders from an app but left what little employee contact experience the same? Partner that cost savings with more customer friendly cashiers. In the article, 3 Ways Automation And AI Amplify The Role Of Firstline Workers, Forbes insight team, January 8th, 2018, 300 top execs said that automation elevates the work of the employee instead of diminishing it. Automation is faster and more consistent but if that now smaller customer interaction is COLD, then “the good man” is not there. Ask your employees to be more attentive with the parts they still perform, heightened but more aware of how important their role is now.


In the article, “Embrace Automation And AI As The Future Of Communications” by Oleg Campbell, Forbes, May 23, 2018, bots can now handle initial conversations which is great. But make sure it improves service, not just automates it.  Makes sure your formula based offers and conversations do fit.

A Good man internally and externally

No one could make my father wear clothes that match but you can always challenge your team to bring “good” to each project both for customers and internally. Start today. If automating, ad something in that your customers would like. If meeting with your employees, let them know you are working on their behalf too. Reflect and encourage a good man image in all you do.

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping corporations with programs improve consistency.

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