Everything is Temporary – From Burning Man to Your Customer Journey

We can learn a lot about service from art! The temporary Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Black Rock Dessert reminds us that our time with our customers is over in an instant!  Do you pour your heart and soul into service like these artists do for this brief art festival? Well, you should! Make someone’s day just one customer journey at a time and it will last in their memories too!

Build in the Specifics!

It temporary! Can you imagine building this 70 foot tall wooden statue?  In 2014, all of the components to create Embrace had to be planned in advance (supplies, equipment, the layout) all packed up and move to the dessert by Kevan Christiaens, Kelsey Owens, Bill Tubman, Joe Olivier, Matt Schultz and the Pier Group. Even this stunning photo by NK GUY was timed just right. Both plans worked. What a sight!

Do the same! Think about a plan. It can be anyone on your team. Nothing is more temporary than a hospital stay. Last summer, at St. Louis University Hospital, a janitorial staff member brought in a small gift to my sister and introduced herself. After that, there was always a warm, kind, mutual greeting every day – not from the nursing staff, but from the often silent janitorial staff member.  Make a plan. Build a better journey for your customers. Take that fleeting moment and make it matter.

Don’t just plan, lead with flexibility!

Since a customer experience is brief, does your team have any flexibility? And, is it consistent everywhere in your organization? Are they allowed to walk a customer to the right aisle? Can they keep digging when on the phone to get an issue resolved completely? Or, are they too rushed? Just last week, I called for an insurance form and it took the call center rep 4 different options to finally get the correct form ordered from me. But she never gave up until she resolved my issue. That was clearly a temporary moment. I was switching to a new provider, soon to be gone for good.  But I have to say, with that last wonderful impression, maybe I will be back someday!

Everything is temporary

When Burning Man is over, the artists leave nothing behind. Everyone takes with them everything they brought into the dessert. It’s completely temporary.

Your customer will be on to something else soon as well! Think about simple day to day kindness for each customer. Say hello. Smile. Hold the door open. Dig until you get them an answer. Ask them if they need anything. Thank them. Wish them well.  Like Burning Man, every customer moment is temporary. Make it matter! (BTW, A Burning Man Exhibit open at the DC Smithsonian Rennick Gallery last week). Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, a national mystery shopping company.

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Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers -“Great customer service is an art, not a given”, more tips – www.qams.com

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