Service is an art:
Can you try something new to improve your customer journey like Saype did?


An artist in the news lately caught my eye. Can you try new things in your customer journey to stand out like his art does? What can you do that might be “event based” but make your customer’s journey more interesting and enjoyable? Artist come up with new ideas all the time and you can too.

This artist did. He switched from just being just another graffiti artist to transforming landscapes into temporary art pieces. He just tried something new. Switzerland artist Guillaume Legros, who goes by Saype, leverages biodegradable products to create new and interesting large art pieces on hillsides and grass areas. Saype uses just water, flour, linseed oil and color pigment that simply disappears with rain or when the grass needs to be cut. By just trying something new and different, he is now known around the world for his massive works. The girl names “Future” in his most recent piece “Message of Hope” puts Saype in the spotlight again for his unique switch from graffiti. You too can create and experiment to heighten your brand and service image. Some in the retail and food industries are stepping out of the box to move their brand forward.

Think events!

As you know, Budweiser placed “victory fridges” throughout Cleveland to be opened if the Browns were to win a game.  After winning to the Jets last week, the fridges were opened all around town. Budweiser became a part of the celebration, not just a drink at the celebration. Yes, it was a promotion but it also created a better brand image through a memorable customer journey.

As reported in the Forbes article, “The Fun of Amazon’s Treasure Truck” By Greg Daniels, 9/19/2018, Daniels talks about how this truck concept is certainly quirky but customers like it. For those that download the app, the Amazon treasure truck arrives in an area and a surprise item is on sale for purchase. The item is usually food and participants love it. Now, there are over 25 Amazon Treasure Trucks and possibly more to in the future. Setting up a unique, fun experience as the customer journey by itself might not be profitable, but it DOES help the brand overall.

Think new stores!

Amazon plans to open over 3,000 cashierless stores, the Amazon GO stores by 2020. To shop, you download the Amazon GO app, scan yourself in at the door, shop and walk out. More like a specialty convenience store, this concept is certainly new and team members are now more available to help shoppers, not just check them out. So, it works. Time is spent selecting items and getting help from staffers, not just standing there waiting for a cashier to scan and load your food. Unique, new and fun.

Think consistency with a mystery shopping program

Amazon will have to make sure to focus on consistently helping shoppers when in the store. And yes, I mystery shopping program will make sure that consistency is there at all of these locations. They have to have the human contact that is positive to really complete the customer journey.

Art and artist teach us. So, not every day or all the time, but take your customer on new and interesting customer journeys. See if there are ways to have your brand become an interesting memory. Why not?

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping clients nations create consistency with mystery shopping programs.

Photo from Huffington Post article “This spectacular “Message of Hope” For Refugees Is Best Seen From The Sky” By Lee Moran, September 19, 2018

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