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Rozin’s Penguins mimic your movement.

Can you really mimic great service while merging or switching to AI?

Art teaches us! Dan Rozin uses interactive art to mimic the movement of individuals standing in front of his art pieces. He has motorized each penguin to turn around and show their white chest when the art watcher it there and turn back around when not right in front of them. The viewer becomes a part of the art and the penguins dance. Can you do the same? Can you really mimic your deep rooted great service if selling your company to a larger organization or replacing team members with technology? Or do you lose that deep commitment to service without even realizing it?

Let’s talk about

–         Dan Rozin art and technology

–         Change is here! Identify great service, not the process

–         Check in and fix it – Measuring the customer impact both short and long term.

Dan Rozin

Dan Rozin creates interactive digital art. Dan is both an artist and a professor at  ITP, Tisch School Of The Arts, NYU. By leveraging technology, he gets items to move as the viewer of his art moves. It allows his pieces to literally draw the viewer in as a moving participant in the piece. His art work cannot only mimic shadows but also shading to form a portrait. His art has been on display in New York City’s Bitform Museum and elsewhere. Just like his art, we have to carefully think about the fine details of service as we move forward with change and mimic great service.

Change is here! Identify great service, not the process

AI is being implemented on the phone and at drivethru lanes. Mergers and venture funding are rampant. Change is here! When you go in Panera, it is different? Did Steak N Shake change when they were purchased? Will Cooper’s Hawk change? Did anyone check to see what super fine points make the REAL difference to customers? As you reduce staff and automate, don’t leave out what really matters to your customers. If you go into a McDonald’s today, you might only find a kiosk with no directions, no staff. No one says hello. No one is there to smile. Time will tell if that matters. As you merge with another company, do you standardize so far that you lose your way? Is it no longer a home town friendly place?

Find a way to

–         Document what it used to be

–         Understand what you are cutting out.

–         Make sure you still have the same level of service, not something new

Check in and fix it – Measuring the customer impact both short and long term.

What now? AI is wonderful and the influx of new funds is key to growth. It could be that it becomes a new business. As long as that creates a better model, then great. I am not sure if stripping out all team member contacts is the only solution or a good one all the time.

Here are some thoughts:

Left some good stuff out?

–         Put it back in. Add back in a greeter to your phone call or kiosk ordering.

–         Check to see if it’s working. Don’t just check implementation. Check to see if you customers like it.

–         Keep it to your brand image. Don’t stray too far. Make sure your customer still knows you are there and that you care.

–         Are the simple empathetic comments missing now? Check and recheck.

Mystery Shopping Can Help– And yes, we can, on very short notice, set up a mystery shop program for you. We can give you feedback from the outside once your new plans are implemented easily. Is the phone call really handled better or is it more drawn out and confusing? Let us set up a program, to confirm the new process and make sure the remaining team has adjusted to provide great service too!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting, helping corporations provide better service.

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