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Pick A Few – Pulitzer Prizes, Mystery Shopping, Chipolte Bonuses, etc..


Art teaches us!  This photo screams greatness! Back in 1968, Jacksonville newspaper photographer, Rocco Morabito, was awarded a Pulitizer Prize for this stunning photograph of a lineman climbing up to save his lifeless team member. Wow!  Teamwork and heroism caught on camera! Pulitzer recognizes such great work. See what you can do to recongnize great things (large and small) happening with your customers by leveraging a mystery shopping program. The Chipolte bonus plan might help differentiate them in the hiring process but does it really tie back directly to a great customer experience? Reward specific behaviors too!

A mystery shopping program is the best way to attract the best employees, reinforce training and reward team members that provide the best service!


Let’s discuss:

  • Rocco Morabito, “The Kiss Of Life”, the photographer and the story
  • Staffing shortages – Does Chipolte bonus/Church’s quick pay go far enough?
  • Mystery Shopping Programs to reward and incent greatness

Rocco Morabito, “The Kiss Of Life” photographer and the story

As reported in “The Story Behind the Iconic ‘Kiss of Life” article on April 17, 2017, at, this photograph happened by chance as Rocco was on his way to see a movie. He took a few pictures of the men working and then noticed one was hanging lifeless. Lineman Thompson who was working nearby, noticed his team member was in trouble, ran over, climbed the pole and administered artificial resuscitation until his partner had a pulse and later made a full recovery. Pulitzer’s acknowledgement of Morabito not only recognized the photographer but allowed viewers from around the world to see greatness in action. How can we also learn from this and help create great service?

Staffing shortages – Does the Chipolte bonus or Church’s quick pay go far enough?

As reported in Fortune’s article, “Fast-Food Workers Have a New Job Perk: Finish a Shift, Get Cash to GO” by Leslie Patton and Bloomberg, May 19, 2019, Church’s Chicken is starting a new program to pay staffmembers as they finish a shift. While, at the same time, Chipolte is rolling out a program to provide quarterly bonuses to employees who help locations meet sales throughput and cash-flow goals as reported in the Nation’s Restaurant New Article “Chipotle pays $700k in cash bonuses to employees at 135 restaurants” by Nancy Luna, August 13, 2019. But is that enough? Or, should you also send a clear  message to employees about specific actions they can control to achieve company goals? If you don’t tell them, how will they know if what really matters for their customer’s experience?

Mystery Shopping Programs to reward and incent greatness

Think about integrating a mystery shopping program to help your team members know specifically what a great customer experience should be.

  • Define it – Can you determine 4 or 5 things that must happen with each customer and measure not just IF it happened but HOW it happened (stop, look up, smile, connect on the phone).
  • Reward it – Reward those that create enthusiasm or the service image your brand demads!
  • Acknowledge improvement, not just perfection – Set up programs for locations (or phone calls) that improve even if they start off a bit rough.
  • Intermittent – Allow for intermittent surprise acknowledgements too!

Rewards and prizes work. As the owner of Quality Assessments Mystery Shopping for over 15 years, without exception, people talk about how much they liked mystery shopping programs when they worked part time. It’s always a positive conversation. People like to be acknowledged!

Like Pulitzer, find ways to reward great service!

Mary Furrie, CEO Furrie Consulting, helping corporations create great service!

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