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Nothing’s going to keep them down! So help them!


Art teaches us! New employees feel defeated. Fast training, brand new managers, lots of work. How can they possibly provide great service when just getting started?  They can! And want to! Portland artist, Chad Knight creates extremely realistic digital art. As in this piece, he captures the emotion of never giving up. What can you do to help those employees that want to be customer focused beyond the obstacles? Try to reward not just those performing with perfect mystery shop scores, but acknowledge big changes and persistence over time!


Let’s discus

  • Chad Knight’s Art
  • 5 Service Tips
  • Did you see that? Reward Most Improved
  • Wow! Reward Determination

Chad Knight’s Art

In the Huffington Post article “This Guy’s Digital Art Looks So Real, People Want To Travel To It” by Andy McDonald, November 30, 2017, he explains how Chad Knight so carefully creates his photorealistic work, that people want to go visit it. When I saw his art, I too, thought they were actual places that were real. This particular piece reminds me to never give up, that I too, could be invincible. As this figure rises out of the water, it’s like he’s screaming. Find ways to let your new team members rise to provide outstanding customer service as well.

Tell Them How To Rise

You’re so busy you might not realize that your team doesn’t really know how you want customers to be serviced. Do you want each customer greeted when they enter? Thanked when they leave? Beyond initial training, hand them a service tip list. Just that alone will help!

Did you see that? Rewarding Most Improved

New team members love contests! And, specific service details are key to your brand’s success! If you have a mystery shop program, don’t wait for everyone to have perfect scores. Take the time to reward incremental service improvement. It works! Chad Knight’s figure appears to be bursting out of the water. Acknowledge those that improve quickly! Their waiting for you to notice!

Rewarding Determination

Maybe the only thing that really differentiates you from others is service. But some teams lag and continually miss your all important service details. Maybe they have the bigger challenges than others. More road blocks.  But, do you see that gradual progress? Have you told them? If you have a mystery shopping program, look at the trends over time and reward those that over the long run continuously improve service. Like Chad Knight captured in this art, let all positive movement to great service be recognized!

If you don’t have a mystery shop program to help create consistency, you should! We’re ready to help if you need a tool to measure those 4 or 5 key service experience steps! Mary Furrie, CEO, Furrie Consulting.

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