Melting Service Just Like Melting Men OR A Mystery Shopping Program?

Why not?

What a visual! Great consistent service can be disappearing just like Azevedo’s Melting Men. It’s almost impossible to maintain wonderful things across all locations and calls. What you thought was “solid” simply fades away after you do a sight visit or monitor calls. Cluttered with generic, vague online feedback you might not realize that the specifics behind your brand’s service have faded. A mystery shopping program fills that gap. You get to see if the steps in your service model are still there. This Melting Men display is meant to be temporary but your service cannot be.

Melting Men Meant To Be Temporary

Over 10 years ago, Brazilan artist Nele Azevedo placed carved ice men on the steps of Gendarmencarkt Square in Berlin in 73 degree heat.  How fascinating! How did she even get thousands of carved ice figures to that location?  Nele went on to create acrylic versions of her figures. Her exhibits demonstrate how things can be temporary and can literally melt away in minutes.

Consistency Only with Mystery Shopping

Walk away from the location, but don’t walk away from your service standards. Don’t let your service standards melt away. Implement a mystery shop program.

  • Measure the details
    • Outline not just what you want to happen but how and have us measure it.
  • Changing your customer flow with new technology?
    • As you change, redo you’re mystery shop program to make sure the changes are really implemented and tweaked if needed.
  • Creating various scripts?
    • If using tailored scripts, have a mystery shop program check to see if your team interpreted them correctly.

Managers cannot catch all the melting

Ever notice basic service issues and say, how can they not realize this is happening? When you have a lot of location or call types, you or your managers simply can’t always catch things.

While at a car repair place last week, I sat for over an hour without anyone following up even with an initial estimate. Set a standard and the let us capture that with a mystery shop question.

At Warby Parker, the anchor or greeter at the store entrance is to get you engaged right away. Does that really happen as claimed? Have us make sure your team is servicing all scenarios and allowing for a customer’s individual pace. Even new, successful business models have to be consistent!

While out to eat at a casual dining restaurant, the manager was wonderful, but the greeter took us back with a scowl, never really looked up and then sat us right by the noisy, high traffic kitchen door when there were about 50 other places we could have been seated. A mystery shop program lets you know what happens even when the manager simply turns around or is busy with something else.

Make it fun! Reward the good and the improved!

Reward all the good things found during the mystery shops. And reward all improvement trends, not just those always performing top in the group! With the question by question month over month reports that go out right with the survey, let the managers see their own improvement over time. Build back solid service that doesn’t melt away!

Outside, independent observations are key to creating consistency at all locations and all calls! Mystery shopping is a great way to get that kind of feedback! Just reach out to us if we can help! We’re ready!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping corporations create consistency with mystery shopping services.

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Climate spotlight: 1,000 ice men melt in Berlin, September 2nd, 2009 Associated Press

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