Like this wall, don’t let one employee disrupt the foundation of a great customer engagement brand.

One person or one item. That’s all it takes. One employee that doesn’t know how to provide great service or one misplaced piece in the foundation of a wall will create significant core instability. A strong brand image can be shattered in an instant with just one person being rude or just plain unfriendly. A sturdy wall becomes unstable easily too. Jorge Mendez Roche placed Franz Kafka’s book, The Castle, at the base of a 75X13 brick wall to demonstrate how that small change created a defect that travelled up and out throughout the wall.  The same is true about the presence of just one unfriendly employee. That negative influence can ripple through your service organization and affect your whole brand.

Don’t let one team member disrupt your brand image

Time after time, we read about or experience bad service from just one person. For over a year, I literally peeked into my Loveland, OH Post Office to make sure that one mean employee was not working. One day, after carefully preparing on my taxes, I stopped by to send 5 forms certified return receipt and the guy said I had too many. He scolded me and then showed me how to do all the steps he normally did himself. I was instructed to come back to the counter when I was finished completing his work. There was no one else in line. No one. That rippled. That one rude employee changed my patterns. I stopped going there for over a year.

Ask United Airlines about the impact of one employee. Last year, we all remember the strong armed efforts to remove a passenger by dragging him of the plane. That one employee made the news for several weeks and still resonates with customers. They are more likely to avoid that brand name than fly with them again. Seriously, just one employee can dismantle you customer service image in an instant.

Mobile phones with cameras are everywhere – lead your brand to consistency!

Mobile phones with cameras are everywhere and will record it all. Don’t let one team member create a flawed organization that damages your brand for that one customer and for all to see and hear online. Lead! Let everyone know what you want to happen to create a customer centric experience. Identify those that are sabotaging your service brand. Train them. And, if that doesn’t work, replace them.


If on the top of your wall, know what’s going on below!

The picture of the flawed wall shows how that one flaw, way, way down at the bottom, effects everything. Know what’s going on below you! Read the feedback! Review the data! Reinforce your brand day after day throughout the organization.  Believe in the need for consistency. Employees want leadership! Let them know what you want to see each day.

Art images help us visually understand what we already know. Just like the book beneath the wall, take a moment to notice if your customer interaction is consistent to the excellence expected by your brand. Look down and see if you can find an employee that needs training!  Mary Furrie, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, or 800-580-2500.

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