Like these giant hands holding up a bridge, what spontaneous “helping hand” can you add to your customer journey?

What can you do with your customers to improve their journey without them having to ask for it? Art makes us think. Designed to connect a cable car station to a garden, The Golden Bridge was created to make that connection interesting and fun. This 150-meter walking bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam, designed by TA Landscape Architecture reminds us that we all should find creative ways to lend a hand to our customers. Just any form of a “helping hand” will do.  What would you like to see happen if you were your own customer? Do that!

Freeform simple kindness

There isn’t a rule book on simple kindnesses. Ask you team to just do small things to make customers feel special. Your options are endless:

–         Hold open a door as they come in and welcome them

–         Better yet, hold open a door when they leave and say thank you.

–         Offer something extra or walk them to the item they asked about.

–         Pull out their chair for them when they sit down.

–         Walk around the counter and hand them the package.

–         Do whatever comes to mind as a small helping hand gesture!

Have us set up a mystery shop program for you so that you can see if these customer journey actions are happening consistently at all locations. You tell us what to look for and we will make sure it’s happening!

It literally makes work better

Have you ever gone to work in a bad mood? Or been serviced by someone that never smiled? By simply creating a place where customers are happy and having your team offer help, the mood of the entire place will improve. Even staff members will be happier to be there! Kindness cures all sorts of things.

Sunny day, dog by the fence

Just today, we were sitting outside at The Dodo restaurant in Salt Lake City for breakfast and an older man stopped suddenly on the sidewalk with his dog. First, he tucked the dog peacefully under a tree next to the patio fence and ran away. Soon after, he came back with a dog bed and gently moved his dog to rest on it. Finally, the greeter took him to the table right by his dog. His breakfast plans were complete! So, what did the server do? She greeted him pleasantly and simply added “And I’ll bring a water bowl for the dog too!” That’s what I’m talking about. She gets it! Just one small “helping hand” offer. How nice is that!

Lead them to helping hands ideas.

As always, lead your team! Do nice, small things for them. Show them what a “helping hand” looks like. If at one of your locations, jump in and hold that door open for a customer.  If in a meeting, tell stories about great “helping hands” experiences by your team members. Ask your managers to let you know about it when individuals do great customer journey things. When you show them and acknowledge “helping hands” activities, they will get the message and look to do those things too! The hands in the bridge remind us to offer kindness all the time! It might just make your customer journey memorable.


Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping clients create consistent service with national mystery shopping programs

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