Like creating art in the cold, can your team be collaborative versus fixed?

Art teaches us! Michael Davies created this beautiful photo by tossing hot tea into the air. He simply mixed it up! Took something normally used to keep you warm and tossed it! How can you leverage both new technology and your service staff in various non-traditional ways to create better service?  Do you let your team step out of their box and work collaboratively when it gets busy or are you rigid? And, are your artificial intelligence or robotics implementations creating an opportunity for more flexibility or reducing it?  As Davies did for art, strive to create a culture where your employees adapt, change and collaborate to provide the very best customer journey.


Michael Davies

Canadian based artist, Michael Davies, creates realistic images from the harsh Canadian Arctic climate. By photographing unusual things, we get a glimpse of the arctic terrain and the beauty that cold weather brings. Can you leverage your team to create really interesting, collaborative service too? With some unique thinking, you certainly can!

The IHOP Team On Christmas Day

IHOP was flexible and it worked! At the last minute, on Christmas morning, we decided to go out for breakfast. And, guess what? IHOP was packed! But, that team was amazing! They worked like bees in a beehive, doing whatever needed to be done. The greeter would clear tables, any server walking by would stop and help out continuously with all tables-brought water, napkins, refills, whatever was needed. There were times we couldn’t even tell who our server was. I haven’t seen that level of unleashed service in quite a while. Foster collaboration like IHOP that day and see what happens!

Will Robotics Improve Team Behavior

As you look to implement robots, AI or drones, do these things create more flexibility to your service model or less? Make sure to map it out. In manufacturing, there are some robots that move so fast that they have to be enclosed in their own room so as not to hurt employees. Other robots or “cobots” are have sensors to avoid injuring nearby human team members trying to collaborate. Make sure your team can work closely with any robotics and that all technology allows for flexibility in service.

Then, when freed up by automation, talk to your team about reaching beyond their regular routine to improve service. Technology should free them up to “pitch in” more often and in new ways. Like Davies did with art, let your team be creative. Develop a culture that sees problems and fixes them just like that IHOP team did on Christmas day.

Measure Consistency With Mystery Shopping

To really measure/look to see if certain customer service points are actually implemented at every location or on every call, mystery shopping surveys are needed. We’re ready to help you perfect those important service moments!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers.

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