Just like Gentry transforms discarded tech to art, can you take AI to actually fix your customer’s pain points first?


Art teaches us! Do you even know what a floppy disk is? Nicholas Gentry transforms discarded technology into art. But can you really say that your new tech projects improves service in a transformational way too? Now is the time to not necessarily just replace what’s working, but really focus on what aggravates your customers most (their daily pain points) and fix them first. Try to think beyond just the easy use of AI to take orders and see if you can find something simple that creates just that one small change that your customers really want. Gentry is known world-wide for creating fascinating human portraits. You too can do great things leveraging technology to reduce the pain points in your customer’s journey.

Let’s talk about

–         Nicholas Gentry’s Art

–         AI fixing the pain points

–         Don’t leave your customer experience in the recycle bin

Nicholas Gentry’s Art

Nicholas Gentry is a British artist that takes discarded technology parts and creates new human images. Often using even the discarded labels as part of his artwork, his images hope to reflect on technology and identity. In this painting, Gentry transforms floppy disks and oil paint into this unique human image called Immortal. What a clever name for recycled material! His artwork has been on display around the world and he is often thought of as a modern archaeologist. Like Gentry, take your new technology and build an immortal relationship with your customers.

Fix the pain points

More technology can scare your customers. For most customers there is a huge disconnect between the use of technology today and service. Long call routing prompts just to get a quick question answered is disheartening. In Forbes’ November 24, 2018 article, “What To Expect For AI (Artificial Intelligence) In 2019 by Tom Taulli, he mentions the integration of AI during conference calls to pull up data about the speaker or retrieve data mentioned for display on a call. Can’t you do the same for your customers while interacting with them directly via your employees ipads or other devices or online with prompts?

Some ideas

–         Call center – What if someday, you call your cable company and they recognize your number and automatically transfer you to the correct department WITHOUT all the prompts? You only call that number when there is an outage so AI can predetermine that route and you can avoid all the call routing prompts. Wow, your customer might even applaud!

–         Retail – What if someday, after you query an Alexa type device as you enter Home Depot to find a smoke detector, an employee passing knows what you are looking for and makes sure you take the shortest route or answers a question? I would love that!

–         Texting/Online chat – Same thing. What if someday the online chat box answers your question from yesterday that was left unanswered? You get the point. Save us time.

If you can focus on “the pain points” for service, and fix them first, that would be tremendous! Gentry changes outdated tech into beauty. Do the same for service going forward!

Innovate but don’t leave your customer experience in the recycle bin!

Customers are looking for the new things! Wow them! But don’t forget about consistent service during all the transitions. We provide mystery shopping services to our clients to help them keep up their consistency during these times of change. As you boldly move forward, set some standards or specific things that really must happen with each customer interaction and make sure that stays in place. And, yes, we can easily help your team with a mystery shopping program quickly and easily as well. Gentry recreates art with our discarded tech products. Take the new technology and make your customer journey a better experience. Do what you can to fix the pain points.

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, www.qams.com, helping corporations with consistency.

Image from https://www.nickgentry.com/#/the-immortal/


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