Just like creators of super heroes, can you harness simple super powers to improve your customer journey?


Comic authors and artists create super heroes that harness unique small powers to conquer evil. Creating simple moments of good service is all it takes to improve your customer experience. Christian Nauk, from Berlin, Germany, created this Spiderman image. He captures the concept that just a simple small person can do “good” even against challenges much bigger than them. Christian simplified the regular comic image to create a clear, interesting visual. Super heroes are followed closely as a sign of hope around the world.  In Thailand, for instance, they can be seen towering over the entrance to Buddhist temples. How interesting is that!  Comic-Con International conferences are attended by crowds consistently and, as you know, superhero movies are a huge hit. Make small moments special for your customers too.

Small powers, big results

Need a service example? She simply placed a new napkin next to me and didn’t say a thing. Just a simple wonderful touch!  For whatever reason, when you drop your napkin, it’s embarrassing to ask for a new one. And, often, the waiter or waitress will announce it to the table for all to hear how clumsy you are. That didn’t happen.  She simply snuck me a new one and I loved that!  It doesn’t take much to amaze your clients! Just small things is all that’s needed.

Another example? He checked each tomato for me. Who does that? While down at Finlay Market last Saturday I handed a stack of tomatoes to the street vendor to purchase. He asked me if I wanted them in a bag and then one by one, picked up the tomatoes, turned then over and set them aside if there were at all bruised and got a new one. For me. Not a master chef, just me. I was shocked. Some farmer’s market vendors and grocery stores hide the bruised ones on the bottom hoping you won’t notice until you get home. I told him I hoped that he sells out today and he said they usually do! I’m not surprised! It’s the little superhero things that matter.

Make space for superheroes

Allow space for all your team to think about the small stuff. Just doing something small but nice will literally make their day better too.  Talk about the customer experience. Give them suggestions of things they can do. The small things.  At Hyvee, a Midwest grocery chain, a cashier that is not busy will turn around and help you unload your cart in the lane behind them. At Wholefoods, the team members being trained to collect shopping carts, are asked to have a tissue with them in case a mother getting out of their car needs it. Small superhero moments simply created by these companies and making space for their team to do them.

Superhero Consistency

Superheroes always leap into action whenever needed. Think about making superhero moments and checking for them with a mystery shopping program. See if they are doing even the basic small stuff, like pausing, looking up and smiling.  Are they taking any other steps to make it a great journey, maybe a brief compliment or short conversation? Or, does your team just act indifferent? Have us pose as a shopper at locations or on the phone and we will check for you.

Think about how much joy superheroes bring to people of all ages all around the world! Be a superhero with just small kind acts for all your customers! Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping clients with consistency through mystery shopping programs!

The art work was pulled from the following website by Christian Nauck  https://www.artstation.com/christiannauck

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