Is your customer journey all tangled up like this rope?

You better check! Unleashed innovation might be awkward and tangled too! Did you implement online orders but the pick up area is in the back? Can customers tell which order is theirs? Or, do you simply have lengthy voice response options, long check-out lines, or missing signage? Jeffrey Wall’s photo called “Untangling” clearly shows us the mess created with old processes but subtly shows new processes can be tangled up too! New has to be better, not more complicated. Check your customer journey!

Jeffrey Wall’s Art

Jeffrey Wall is a well-known photographer from Vancouver, WA that often displays contrasts in his pieces. In this photo, you will see a very frustrated sailor untangling ropes that suggests the difficulty of sail boating. But, if you take a closer look behind and to the right, you’ll also see an individual having to fix a motor that should be an easier solution. This applies to service as well. Just because we have enhanced a process, doesn’t mean that you still don’t need to think about the new customer impact. Take a look at your new flows and fix them.

Chipotle Online Drivethrus

As reported by CNBC back on May 24, 2018, Chipolte has started to add drive thru lanes only to be used for picking up online orders. As they do this, they have to carefully make sure that customers don’t get in line only to find out that they cannot place an order, only pick up an online order. As they test with 5 or so locations, they can learn a lot and untangle issues before creating a mess everywhere.

Finding a smoke alarm – Not untangled yet

If you want to find a specific nail or hinge, the staff at Lowe’s is great. But why do you have to hunt someone down just to find a smoke alarm. That’s tangled. Ok, which aisle? By the ceiling fans? Over next to air filters? A small simply straight forward item in very large store and no one where you can find them to ask. When this happened to me, I spent more time trying to find someone to ask that it took to go grab it. This is what I would call old “tangled”. For simple items, just let me ask “Alexa’ as I walk in or have a kiosk. I don’t need to talk to anyone. Be the first to expedite these small purchases!

Complex Voice Response

It goes without saying that voice response programs can be one of the most frustrating experiences in service. Very tangled. Sort out call types and talk times for planning and then return to a simply call system. Use your data to avoid having your customers maneuver through complex choices that are mainly used just for staffing, not really to redirect the call.

 Let art help you rethink

As you look at art, see what you can learn from the artist and his or her pieces and what that teaches you about your own business. Jeff Wall’s photograph definitely captures the frustration of a tangled rope or process. This might exactly portray what your customers experience throughout your company. Recheck as you move to implement new technology.

 Mystery shopping program for consistency

And don’t forget to make sure that your team is consistent. You can wait for customers to report issues or let us help you by setting up a mystery shop program. We can quickly and easily send mystery shoppers to your locations or have them call your call centers and check to see if the new changes are “untangled”.

 Lead your team through the tangles

As you meet with your team, make sure to lead your team to think about how to make the new processes better and very customer focused. Talk about the new stuff and listen to them when they bring up newly identified issues. Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping clients create consistency through mystery shopping services.

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