How Can Asian Art Websites and Classes Prepare Us For The Future Of Customer Service?


Art teaches us! Look around. Things are changing. The Asian Contemporary Art Buyer sources art from around the world, not just locals. And, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has an online class that teach about new worldwide innovation called “Industry 4.0 How to Revolutionize Your Business”. The art website and class draw in expertise from everywhere and you need to do so too! Take this class or any class about the upcoming changes. Soak up all the knowledge you can about AI, drones, sensors and robotics so that you make sure you see how to leverage any or all of them for your customer journey! And yes, keep your eye on your current process too and continue to make it a value adding experience that creates a firm platform for these upcoming changes.

Asian Contemporary Art Buyer

The artist of this painting, Johnny Romero, isn’t even from Asia but is a featured artist in the Asian Contemporary Art Buyer website. His critically acclaimed futuristic style incorporates pop culture with messages about consumerism. His view stands out as progressive and you should too. This art show draws from artists around the world. Don’t be afraid to look ahead and around you! Change it coming! Be prepared!

Really? Take a techie class to learn about service?

Yes, do whatever you can to learn about what’s coming.  I took the Hong Kong MOOCS class and reviewed a ton of projects in AI used to predict manufacturing downtime and prevent it, robots used in warehouses, etc..  And, I could see how all of it, someday, will help any customer service process. Yes, it was techie but completely changed how I view the future of customer service.

If you aren’t careful to collect and track the right data, you can implement artificial intelligence that takes out that personal touch customers really love. My friend orders a large ice tea with 7 Splenda every day from Dunkin Donuts drive thru. But, the drive thru staff KNOWS it’s her and asks her if she wants to include her strawberry donut too. She loves it that the staff knows her even by just her voice. Be careful. Use AI or drones or robots when it makes financial sense and makes the customer experience better. Make sure it works. Learn all the pitfalls and advantages of technology a little each day so that you are not overwhelmed when faced with these inevitable changes.

Perfect your current customer journey

No matter what, focus on your current process and make sure that your customer journey is always adding value. Don’t wait for a quick fix.

  • Hone your current customer experience continuously.
  • Make sure it’s engaging and consistent.
  • Let your team know that value adding service is important- walk to talk.

Commit some time

Confession?  Some of the technology is not interesting to those of us so focused on the customer touch aspects of business. But, understanding the upcoming concepts and how that will impact your business are critical. Commit to some time each week to learning the new stuff in all industries so that you are ready when it’s time to implement it for your customers too!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping corporations create value adding service with mystery shopping programs If you find you want 4 or 5 things to consistently happen with all customers, we can help!

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