Add “Good morning” not just “On your left”

In a world where we are all super busy, what stands out as a positive experience each day? There is an awesome bike trail in Cincinnati, OH called the Little Miami Bike Trail. It’s well shaded, right next to a small river and long enough for a great bike ride. On sections of the trail, you will find large groups of walkers, just in a few places, not the entire ride.


Just 2 words

To pass the walkers, bikers are required to say “On your left”. That’s all. They don’t even need to slow down.  One day, one of the biker said “On your left” and then followed up as he passed with a “Good Morning!”. Just 2 simple words. That changed the whole experience not just for me but I’m guessing for him as well. It is critical to be successful in service that you incorporate this type of scenario into your customer experience. Think about how you can.


At locations or on calls

At Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, we see that the best companies add a greeting. Service is an art! Maybe it’s just a “hello”, maybe it’s “Welcome”. When you walk into any Walgreens now, the cashier standing at the entrance greets you.  They are asked to do so.  Sometimes it sounds robotic but you can work on that. Start by making it a practice then work on the style.


Look up

At a bank or any retail organization, if you can’t add a quick 2 words, at least look up!  Our QAMS bank clients make sure that everyone looks up. It makes a difference because that is why they are there… to receive assistance with a bank employee. At a minimum, look up!


Create an initial great customer experience!

Add a small greeting, maybe just eye contact or maybe just a smile and nod… Now, as I walk on the trail, I literally notice the slight positive difference it makes with that small extra greeting from the bikers… the required “On you left” and a simple “Good morning”. Create that great customer experience! Consider service an “art”, not a given!

Published by Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery

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