Don’t you forget about me…
as you walk on by!

Is your customer journey clear?

I visited a casual dining restaurant recently and the song “Don’t forget about me” came to mind. We see it in art all the time now and really everywhere. New concepts are tested out each day. This particular sculpture from the Stuttgart IDC-ITKE was assembled entirely by robots and drones. The complexity of what these new technologies can provide are endless. And so are the new options available for restaurants. Think new always! But as the song goes “don’t forget about me”, the customer.

No Servers but Casual Dining Prices

I visited one of the new format restaurants where you order at the back of the restaurant and pour yourself your own water before walking to a table. Employees are around but not saying hello or checking much at all. Casual dining prices with minimal service. The food and beverages we ordered were brought to the tables but no offer was made for refills or dessert etc.. Simple. Right?


It all works well unless your customers

–  just decide to sit down and find out the hard way no one is going to take your order

– don’t realize that the menus are on clip boards along the wall to look at when in line.

– have 2 or three kids and have to get them all set and get their water for them too etc..

– are older and have trouble walking and carrying your own water to the table

– wanted refills or dessert.

New is really fun and great, just make sure to work out the bugs. Do your customers know what to do? For years, Jimmy John’s didn’t tell you where to pick up your sandwiches. Now they do. When we first visited Blaze Pizza, they didn’t have signage up to tell you where the line formed. Now they do. Somethings just aren’t going to be clear until you have customers through the door and looking for directions. Once, they give you some feedback about things that are not really clear, fix them quickly

Specific feedback with Mystery shopping

You can wait for your customers to tell you if they have time. Or, if you are starting to integrate a new concept in your stores or restaurants or even on the phone, mystery shopping is the best way to get that very specific feedback quickly.  We can have mystery shoppers visit your locations or call your call centers and quickly get back to you with across the board details. Then you can take the new process and tweak it!

Robot and Drone Created Art

As reported in Architect Magazine  article “Larvae Silk-Inspired Pavilion Constructed by Robots and Drones” April 12, 2017 by Katherine Keane, an interdisciplinary team from the University of Stuttgart explores new methods for architectural applications of composite fiber materials. But what’s interesting is how then entire structure was built by drones and robots. 144 miles of resin fiber all assembled with technology. We see it all around us. This new world is coming!

Think new! Commit to a great journey!

Don’t hesitate to think NEW. Try NEW. But don’t forget to make the experience better for your customers. Check and recheck with them to make sure it all makes sense.

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping customers create consistency with a mystery shopping program.

Image from:  Design Boom

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