The Last Video Store Chain Survives – How?

We are in an age of technology for entertainment. Most households have paid services with their cable company, watch Netflix, Hulu or pick up a movie at a Red Box etc..  All of these things are completely convenient.  It make no sense for anyone to walk around a video store like we used to do at a Blockbusters.  Blockbusters closed all of their stores by the end of 2014.


Over 700 Locations, Really?  

So, how could this be? Family Video out of Grandview, Illinois has over 700 locations mainly in smaller Midwest towns in 17 states. Founded in 1978, Family Video as not just survived, it has thrived.  Part of the success has been to own all of the stores and the affiliated property and avoid rent increases etc…


Customer Loyalty, Why?

A big part of the secret to their success is how they treat their customers and their employees. Each person that enters the store is greeted, no exceptions, building customer loyalty.  Employees work hard to call customers by name. The family feeling is augmented by free movies for kids and for those with good grades. Late fees are negotiated. Many of the employees receive full college scholarships for the children (don’t forget your employees).


How QAMS Translates that Success to You!

At Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers,, we believe each customer experience should be a great one! Created by your team and maintained for generations to come just like Family Video!  Reach further! Work with your team to greet everyone. Talk about the opportunities they might have to call each customer by name. Not in an awkward way,  but sincerely!  Build that same small town feeling! Create customer loyality at your locations and on the phone!


Published by Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery




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