What did you say?
Our Low Calorie Option?
– the art

Connect with the customers

I’m not sure? Look at the menu by the door

At the first place, I was the only person in line and he was in the back and came out after about a minute. When asked, he said, “I’m really not sure, it might be on the menu by the door”. So, I walked over to the door and, you guess it, the menu did not have calories on it. Then, he said, well maybe the vegetarian sandwich would work. With all the veggies listed for that sandwich, I didn’t realize it was a “build my own”. So, I only added green peppers and some olives. And since he didn’t clarify, I ended up with literally just a bread sandwich with 2 or 3 small pieces of veggie. Very strange.

I’m not sure? I’ll ask someone, ok look at the menu

At the next place, when asked about low calorie options, he said, “I really don’t know but I’ll ask.” He did ask the manager that was prepping food behind him who came over and directed me to, you guess it, the menu flyer on the wall. The menu DID have calories on it but it was only listed by components. You had to figure out what the calories were based upon what you ordered. Again, not much help here either.

I’m not sure. Period.

At the last place, I asked about the calories and he simply said “I don’t know”. The menu board had calories listed in a range since it might vary depending upon what you put on the sandwich. Since that was not specific, I just did my best and ordered what I thought was low calorie.

What could have happened at each of these locations
to improve the customer experience?

#1 –Tell team members about a low calorie option

Let you team know the most popular low calorie option. Maybe it’s a salad or maybe it’s a beef sandwich without the cheese. Just quickly remind whenever possible especially this month.

#2- Get them to connect with the customers

Encourage team member to ask questions about the customer’s preferences. Maybe someone wants the salad option or maybe they are looking for something else. Just asking questions, helps customers realize that your team really does care. At one of the 3 places, the team member suggesting brown rice instead of white since it was healthier. It showed that he was listening to what I said not just taking the order.

#3 – Encourage them to know a second option

Everybody’s tastes are different. Make sure team members have a second option in mind too.  Maybe it’s a regular sandwich and they can take the bun off for a high protein option. Have some other suggestions ready if the first one doesn’t work.

Great customer service is an ART, not a given.

Take a few minutes in the next few days to help your team connect with the customers and have a really good answer to the low calorie question. Like any other art, create great service!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers -“Great customer service is an art, not a given”, more tips – contact us.

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