COLD – Is your customer experience instantly cold?
Time to turn up the heat!

Visible breathe in cold air is a fast occurring event and so is the impression made with each of your customer interactions. New high speed photography captures things not easily seen by the naked eye. In this dark photo, the photographer uses a quick flash camera to visually captures how cold the air looks for just an instant when you exhale. It captures the idea of cold air vividly. Whether your employees don’t take that extra second to just pause, look up and smile, say something nice, that’s cold too.

The Smallest Pause Matters

Where do we start with this? I was recently in a Starbucks and noticed that they were completely efficient but there was no personality – no thank you for coming, no looking up and smiling. In an instant, it was simply a cold experience. I was back there today and after placing my order for a coffee, filled a cup and then just handed it to me. She didn’t say anything. Not even “here you go”. That’s cold.

At the same time, while visiting a Fannie May Chocolate store, the cashier visibly stopped, took her hands off the registered, turn to me, looked up and said, “Are you sure you don’t want to try our special today? Do you need anything else?” It was a pause in her thoughts and actions. She took those 2 seconds to make her questions more sincere than if she kept her hands on the keyboard and body turned only to the register. Don’t let those small things slip by. Just like high speed photography they are noticed and captured by your customers.

Reversing, cold, alone and dark

When you look at this photograph, you notice the cold but it’s also alone and dark. Don’t kid yourself. Leaving things “cold” with your customer slips easily into them feeling alone and dark about your company.

Turn up the heat!
Small ways to turn cold into warm and friendly!

Turn up the heat! Start with all the small things:

–      Pause for a second.

–      Look up and listen.

–      Smile.

–      Turn and face them briefly.

–      See if you answered their question.

–      Provide the answers, or at least sincerely try.

–      See what if they have another question or concerns.

–      If they start a conversation, join in. Enjoy meeting them.

–      Thank them.

–      Say something pleasant – maybe it’s “come again:  or “hope you have a nice day” or “have a great week”!

Talk about it with your team

Of course, talk about it with your team. Give them some ideas. Notice team members that model the behavior you are trying to effect. Encourage a brief pause here and there to allow for positive experiences!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping clients nationally create consistency.

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