Using the latest advancements in technology, we make the art of customer service easier to master

Every artist needs the best tools in order to get the job done right. By using the industry’s most advanced analytics platforms, we ensure measurable results and actionable feedback to help you perfect your customer service. Take a look at some of our tools:

survey technology

Engaging Surveys

Compatible with the latest browsers and mobile devices, our unsolicited surveys are built to entertain and engage shoppers on an emotional level. By sending the surveys directly to respondents, we generate genuine responses without any interviewer influence. Vivid graphics, GPS services, and gesture detection guarantee honest and accurate feedback.

Accessible Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics allow you to view live reports on the go, resulting in effective decision-making even while you’re out of the office. Reporting is made effortless with a smooth and intuitive interface, requiring only a few clicks for in-depth insights and conclusions.

mobile analytics
mobile analytics

In-Depth Data Analysis

Fully-automated data analysis provides real-time results with a single click. Save time generating detailed reports by selecting only the measures you care about most. The automated reports will also aggregate open-ended questions in an easily readable word cloud, letting you see what customers are saying most. Get the most out of your customer input with intuitive dashboard reporting.

Experience the art of great customer service.

We are not involved in any shopper business that requires you to send money anywhere.

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