Tailored to needs of ALL Industries.

To create a sense of urgency and a competitive edge in your business requires us as your partner to have an understanding and expertise in your industry. At QAMS, our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to define goals and develop a custom program. Specific services include:

tailored mystery shopping program

Fast Food, Casual and Fine Dining

Great food and great service! Let us help you create a customer experience feedback survey that exactly measures what you see as your brand image. Our team can help create a survey that measures that initial greeting, explanation of the menu, the order process and service. Instantly, we can create a mystery shopping program to reports back on the entire process to continuously allow you to improve service.

Retail and Shopping Centers

Shoppers want to enjoy their time in the store while you maximize sales. We can help you measure and evaluate not only product placement and availability but the timing and quality of an initial greeting, upselling while offering and providing assistance, and a problem free checkout process. Our contract shoppers will report back valuable insights along the way!

Call Centers

With each call, did your customers get the information they need in a timely manner? We can work with your team to create a survey to measure all aspects of that call. We can report back on timeliness, friendliness in the tone and job knowledge. Our survey experts can create a survey that specifically matches your program.


In healthcare mystery shops, we can help make sure that the initial contacts and general questions are handled quickly and accurately. Improving just these initial contacts sets the tone for the rest of the patient experience.

Health and Fitness Clubs

Our contract shoppers can easily check the initial phone call and actually take a tour of the facility so that you know exactly what prices are mentioned, etc. We can even set up compliance audits that make sure all equipment is in place and signage posted.


The banking experience is a combination of various points of contact at every branch. Mystery shoppers can help you evaluate all points of contact. Whether it be the phone rep, the drive thru teller, the receptionist, the banker, or the inside teller, our trained contract evaluators can report back about adherence to service or any compliance mandates. You might even have us check to make sure your ATMs are in working order or check to see if brochures and posters are placed as new programs are launched. Whatever you need!

Consumer Electronics

Our shoppers are trained to not only to review general information but to also observe and report back if employees are well versed in the exact product details.

Movie Theaters and Rentals

Each step of the way, the mystery shoppers will make sure that your customers’ movie theatre or movie rental experience is wonderful. All aspects of a successful experience will be measured. Not just the cleanliness of the bathroom or whether the trailers are shown, but the exact interaction with the box office, the ticket taker, the concession staff will be documented.

Car Wash and Convenience Stores

Consistency and speed are critical at each convenience store or car wash. Our customer experience survey experts can help create a survey that will measure your exact expectations at each location. Survey can check for service, cleanliness and make sure that key items are well stocked and compliance signage visible. With that feedback, you can instantly reward high performers and create new training if weaknesses are identified.


QAMS will provide you an objective view of your customer’s experience from the ease in setting appointments, the wait times to the quality/knowledge of the technician servicing your car needs. It is critical for you to be able to maximize profitability to improve operations, enhance customer service, develop brand loyalty and increase your return. QAMS can tailor to meet your unique industry needs.

Product and program verifications

Product marketing managers depend upon complete implementation of a new product launch or program to deliver the expected results. Our customer experience survey experts can help craft a survey to not only evaluate whether your product is placed in the stores correctly and but also check to make sure the employees on the phone or in person know the product details correctly.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve worked with all industries to provide the best technology possible to leverage intuitive dashboards and reports.

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