Tailored programs in all industries 

Customer service is central to any successful company, but the art of customer service can prove to be trickier than expected. At QAMS, we design custom mystery shopping programs to measure customer service performance. Our mystery shopping program includes a national network of qualified shoppers and extensive dashboard and reporting technology, tailored to improve service and augment revenue.

tailored programs

We utilize the latest tools to track and measure performance metrics, and bundle the reports into an intuitive platform that makes it easy to interpret the data. We also provide:

Mystery Shopping

Posing as customers, we will have our trained contract shoppers visit your location or call your call center and provide feedback using your service standards as a guide.

Call center shops

Prepared with a well-written script, our shoppers can call into your call center and not only check for the clear communication of facts, but also report back on the tone and timeliness of the calls.

Mobile exit interviews

Our trained contract shoppers can be hired to visit your location with a tablet in hand, and assist customers while they enter exit interview data right then and there.

Competitive intelligence

Similar to mystery shopping your locations or calls, we can also have shoppers visit your competitors and see how they measure up to your standards.

Customer Service

Quality Assurance

 While visiting your location, we can easily check for quality. It might be that you want to know about cleanliness or you might want to check a specific detail about food packaging. Whatever you need to know about your high-quality standards, we can create a survey to help you measure that.

Compliance audits

To augment your current audit process, we can send shoppers to your locations to digitally report back on compliance standards while also checking employee knowledge.

Internal evalutations

To leverage our survey technology, some clients create surveys for internal use. Just like a mystery shop, the internal group would fill out surveys and use our survey technology to track trends and improve processes.

IVR & IWR (interactive web response)

While tabulating feedback from our shoppers, you can also leverage the QAMS system to collect feedback from your customers direct at your website.

Price audits

Our team of shopping experts can verify items are priced correctly at your location or compile the same price details from your competitors’ locations.

Product placement/training verification

When products are launched, it’s imperative that the staff is well trained and the product signage and placement is confirmed. Our shoppers can quickly run in and check that materials are in place and that the staff is well trained on the details.

Experience the art of great customer service.

We are not involved in any shopper business that requires you to send money anywhere.