Can retailers shake it up and make their retail experience come alive like this underwater canvas?

Absolutely! When you walk into most retail stores, what you see could literally be from a time long ago. Just like the lady hanging clothes in this underground scene, not much has changed – clothes on racks, fitting rooms and checkout counters. Where’s the updated retail experience? Australian photographer, Andreas Franke, paired his Florida Keys underground photography with digital manipulation and made this ship come alive! You can do the same with your customer experience. Dig into technology and make your stores come alive too!

Create Local Scenes/Backdrops

Ditch the typical dressing room. Take photos of the most popular local event places like theaters, wedding locations or even simple places like the soccer field and let shoppers select the background that best fits the outfit they are looking to try on or simply buy. Create a space with big screens and let them self-select. Put it in a place where others can see too, and if done right, they will chat openly about the upcoming event. That connection to the event will make them connected to your brand. Maybe, just maybe, it will be fun to try on clothes!

Do more!

Don’t stop there. Find 2 or 3 other reasons for them to drive to your stores and see you in person. Andreas Franke integrates a plethora of concepts into his art from adults fishing to boxers to children. Do the same. Have something digital but moving as you walk in the door that might reflect the latest fashion trends and why. Have the counters both with easy digital make up try on stations. Put a screen area in the shoe departments with changeable back drops too. Have the retail experience come alive just like Franke did.

Make it Local –
Make it Global

There is no reason why you can make it local. Find the key things that drive people to make new purchases and use visual try on areas that reflect that. Get a short list of key events locally and use create that scene. Make sure they can SEE themselves right at the event they want to attend in that outfit. It might be a local Gala, or theatre or huge race like the Flying Pig last weekend. Include a few generic winter or summer scenes or global scenes as well just for fun. You might be able to attract new markets with this concept, groups that typically did not visit your stores.

Not Just Clothes

It doesn’t have to be just about clothes. When picking out a table setting, they might be able to see it all set up in a fine dining area or outside. Party supplies could be seen hanging up around a room and suggest other items. Even store dining areas could create a space that reflects a different dining scene for a set of tables. It would have to be done right but all of it is possible.

Reflect your brand

Don’t lose sight of your brand when making these choices. You know your business better than anyone else. Only do what you think enhances that experience. We are not retail experts. Just finding ways to help our clients. We work to find art that can teach us about service for our blog and we hope it is helps you as well. Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, helping clients create consistent service with mystery shopping programs.

Photograph from the website “The Sinking World of Andreas Franke”,

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