When you think “Customer Loyalty”, does Kaino’s large bridge transformer come to mind?

It should! Service is all about connecting, strong connecting! Just as bridges tie together 2 places, meaningful discussions with customers will result in strong customer loyalty! Your team should be talking to customers until there is a connection in some way! And if they do, customer will come back!

Glenn Kaino’s created this large transformer robot, Arch, currently on display in the Pittsburgh airport to discuss bridges in the area. Pittsburgh is sliced into several pieces by 3 rivers, the AlleghenyMonongahela, and Ohio Rivers. And, the best way to get around is over several bridges throughout the city. This artist used bridges and a transformer to create a message about this now connected city and connect to history.

Here is what the artist himself said about his creation: “Literally and metaphorically, Arch is a bridge between Pittsburgh’s past, present, and future: from the immigrants constructing bridges to navigate the terrain, to the steel industry and the rise of industrialism, to the robotics industry and advanced technology that exist today fueling hope for the future. Arch is an iconic figure that embodied that narrative, a materialization of a concept and a starting point for new memories to be created from the fragments of old histories.”- Glenn Kaino


For me, the bridge transformer tells us everything we need to know about customer loyalty:

Transform your organization!

If you haven’t already, speak up! Talk to your team about the importance of great service. Arby’s did just that last Fall in a special training initiative. As reported by QSR Magazine on October 19, 2017, in their article “How Arby’s Inspires It’s Employees, Arby’s launched an initiative to reemphasize the importance of both the employees and how their connection with customers is important. Even their BLAST recovery model (Believe, Listen, Apologize, Solve, Thank has one key attribute – talking to their customers.  Arbys offered this training to all 80,000 employees to transform their team. You can do the same in big or even small ways. Talk to your team about talking to customers. Transform them!

Connect with your customers!

It sounds so simple. Talk and listen to your customers. Each team member might find their own way. Maybe it’s a small conversation about something else. They could comment on the product or see if they have questions about it. Talk about why their selection is a good one or offer up a story about how it has worked well for other customers. Be patient. Maybe that customer doesn’t really want to talk much, so, just offer a sincere thank you. Ask each team member to connect uniquely and naturally each day every day.

Steel structures and great service is strong!

Steel structures are strong and so is great service. Customers will be very forgiving if you have provided great service over time. That is way this bridge transformer is so effective in communicating about service. If you can transform your organization to be customer focused throughout the customer journey, your brand will be as strong as steel.

Caution – No ROBOTS please!

We all have in our minds about how a transforms starts so small and turned into something powerful. Make no mistake, we aren’t asking employees to be robots in style. We want them to look up, listen and have real, sincere conversations.

Kaino had in mind to talk about the city of Pittsburgh over time but the parallels with service model are there. Transform your culture to be customer focused. Have all employees engage with their customers. And as a result you will have a customer brand image as strong as steel!

Mary Furrie, CEO, Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, www.qams.com


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