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Critical thinking and a great customer experience can be hard to master – learn to reflect on art and your business!

Will newly hired team members provide better service if you acknowledge them like Steve has been acknowledged for this photo?

You bet they will! Especially millennials! Art teaches us! Sometimes it’s contests/awards and sometimes it’s just simple acknowledgements. Steve Biro created this beautiful photograph with precise skill and expertise. Your newly hired team has skills in service that you might just have taught them or that they had in their back pocket all along. Why not do some serious acknowledgement when great service is observed by you or in a program. Define what you want your service to be and then reward those that mirror it! Steve has been acknowledged around the world for this photo. Do the same with your team when they provide great service.

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Can your team read discouragement like Damon portrays here?

Art teaches us! Is your customer experience empathetic and able to pick up on your customer’s sentiment on the internet, phone or in person? Damon just turns Abe’s feet in a bit, hides his face with his hand and creates cracks in the base as if it were falling apart and you know instantly that he’s portraying discouragement. As he was able to translate a sediment or feeling into this sand castle, can you also pick up on the fine points when reading your customers mood either on the phone or in person? Let’s hope so!

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From Subaru to any industry, is your staff shortages well balanced or will you lose lifetime loyalty?

Art teaches us! Well, I thought I wanted another Subaru but I’m not so sure now. It seems like Subaru has had to set aside some servicing to accommodate no appointment oil changes and recalls. Is that the right decision? Or, have they lost a lifetime or generation of customers by just that one staffing change? Great employees only implement your strategy. Like this Joseph Klibansky sculpture, carefully check your reallocation of staff and assess the long term impact constantly.

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Will your customers follow you too like these birds in Scott’s sculpture?

Art teaches us! In Andy Scott’s sculpture, Stride, birds “follow” this fast moving, determined walker to his destiny. What can you do to get your customers to follow you too? Is it just your product or service? I would argue that without a deep commitment to the details and service too, there will be no following your brand. These birds are following this individual on a journey. Get your customers to follow you too!

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Just like Gentry transforms discarded tech to art, can you take AI to actually fix your customer’s pain points first?

Art teaches us! Do you even know what a floppy disk is? Nicholas Gentry transforms discarded technology into art. But can you really say that your new tech projects improves service in a transformational way too? Now is the time to not necessarily just replace what’s working, but really focus on what aggravates your customers most (their daily pain points) and fix them first. Try to think beyond just the easy use of AI to take orders and see if you can find something simple that creates just that one small change that your customers really want. Gentry is known world-wide for creating fascinating human portraits. You too can do great things leveraging technology to reduce the pain points in your customer’s journey.

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How Can Asian Art Websites and Classes Prepare Us For The Future Of Customer Service?

Art teaches us! Look around. Things are changing. The Asian Contemporary Art Buyer sources art from around the world, not just locals. And, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has an online class that teach about new worldwide innovation called “Industry 4.0 How to Revolutionize Your Business”. The art website and class draw in expertise from everywhere and you need to do so too! Take this class or any class about the upcoming changes. Soak up all the knowledge you can about AI, drones, sensors and robotics so that you make sure you see how to leverage any or all of them for your customer journey! And yes, keep your eye on your current process too and continue to make it a value adding experience that creates a firm platform for these upcoming changes.

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Like creating art in the cold, can your team be collaborative versus fixed?

Art teaches us! Michael Davies created this beautiful photo by tossing hot tea into the air. He simply mixed it up! Took something normally used to keep you warm and tossed it! How can you leverage both new technology and your service staff in various non-traditional ways to create better service? Do you let your team step out of their box and work collaboratively when it gets busy or are you rigid? And, are your artificial intelligence or robotics implementations creating an opportunity for more flexibility or reducing it? As Davies did for art, strive to create a culture where your employees adapt, change and collaborate to provide the very best customer journey.

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AI sold at Christies? Wow! What can you do to understand it all and help your customer journey?

Art teaches us! What can you do today to best understand how to integrate AI into your customer journey? Do you actually do a lot of it already but just not as broadly defined? I think so. Christies sold it’s first AI generated painting called Portrait of Edmond Belamy By G AN (Generative Adversarial Network) late last year for $432,000, 45 times it’s high estimate. And just last night, Kai-Fu Lee was on 60 minutes discussing his book “AI Superpowers, China, Superpowers and the New World Order”. In both cases, it’s clear that we all have to start to understand and think even today about how AI works and how it can improve the customer journey.

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To keep up with the Jones’s and try out new customer journeys, do you end up with just a 3D illusion instead of great service?

These 3D chalk artists create illusions, but do you really want to do that with your customer experience? AI, multiple versions of delivery, dining and retail settings are great but are your service levels still intact? 3D chalk art dates back to the 1700s and if viewed at a certain angles, the art appears to be real. Make sure your new customer journey processes stand the test of time and reality too!

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Melting Service Just Like Melting Men OR A Mystery Shopping Program? Why not?

What a visual! Great consistent service can be disappearing just like Azevedo’s Melting Men. It’s almost impossible to maintain wonderful things across all locations and calls. What you thought was “solid” simply fades away after you do a sight visit or monitor calls. Cluttered with generic, vague online feedback you might not realize that the specifics behind your brand’s service have faded. A mystery shopping program fills that gap. You get to see if the steps in your service model are still there. This Melting Men display is meant to be temporary but your service cannot be.

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This Joep Buijs’ painting captured the happiness mood, can you do so too in your holiday customer journey?

Burn this image into your brain for the next 60 days. Make customer happiness your goal this busy service season. You decide. What large and small things can you do to bring this kind of happiness mood to your customers? In a busy restaurant, online with delivery, in a store, make it happen. The happiness captured by Joep Buijs is exactly what each person wants this holiday season. Why go in a store or restaurant or by online if no one cares when you get there? Fix that.

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What does “outsider art” teach us about diversifying business models and technology use for your customer journey?

As you “branch out” and either try new services or technology, do you really know what you are getting into and then make some miss steps? Or, are you like an “Outsider Artist” that can create and become famous without training? Outsider artists are simply individuals that are not career, highly trained or technical, but by practice and creativity, become well known in the art world. Business models are becoming very complex. And are there risks with that? Yes! But succeed by being creative but careful and continuously learning.

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Experience the art of critical thinking.