Great customer service can be a hard art to master – check out some quick tips to help improve your online reviews.

Like these giant hands holding up a bridge, what spontaneous “helping hand” can you add to your customer journey?

What can you do with your customers to improve their journey without them having to ask for it? Art makes us think. Designed to connect a cable car station to a garden, The Golden Bridge was created to make that connection interesting and fun. This 150-meter walking bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam, designed by TA Landscape Architecture reminds us that we all should find creative ways to lend a hand to our customers. Just any form of a “helping hand” will do.  What would you like to see happen if you were your own customer? Do that!

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Is your customer journey all tangled up like this rope?

You better check! Unleashed innovation might be awkward and tangled too! Did you implement online orders but the pick up area is in the back? Can customers tell which order is theirs? Or, do you simply have lengthy voice response options, long check-out lines, or missing signage? Jeffrey Wall’s photo called “Untangling” clearly shows us the mess created with old processes but subtly shows new processes can be tangled up too! New has to be better, not more complicated. Check your customer journey!

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Just like creators of super heroes, can you harness simple super powers to improve your customer journey?

Comic authors and artists create super heroes that harness unique small powers to conquer evil. Creating simple moments of good service is all it takes to improve your customer experience. Christian Nauk, from Berlin, Germany, created this Spiderman image. He captures the concept that just a simple small person can do “good” even against challenges much bigger than them. Christian simplified the regular comic image to create a clear, interesting visual. Super heroes are followed closely as a sign of hope around the world. In Thailand, for instance, they can be seen towering over the entrance to Buddhist temples. How interesting is that! Comic-Con International conferences are attended by crowds consistently and, as you know, superhero movies are a huge hit. Make small moments special for your customers too.

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There’s a good man in there somewhere – or is there?

It’s a choice to have “a good man” image, isn’t it? “Good man” is just a phrase/term (it could be woman too). If your organization as a whole does not reflect the image you conjure up when you say the phrase “a good man”, then take a step back with new eyes and fix the flaws. Maybe you have changed your product, or automated the check-out process or added layers to your voice response that didn’t end up being a “good” thing for your customers? If you want “a good man” image both internally and externally, reassess your brand periodically.

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COLD – Is your customer experience instantly cold? Time to turn up the heat!

Visible breathe in cold air is a fast occurring event and so is the impression made with each of your customer interactions. New high speed photography captures things not easily seen by the naked eye. In this dark photo, the photographer uses a quick flash camera to visually captures how cold the air looks for just an instant when you exhale. It captures the idea of cold air vividly. Whether your employees don’t take that extra second to just pause, look up and smile, say something nice, that’s cold too.

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Amazing! Can you leverage technology beyond just POS simplification or just to compete with online retailers?

Yes, this really is a gigantic stage. To create an experience, theaters often know no limits. Are you limiting yourself? Are you absolutely certain that your new use of technology is the only customer experience change your customers would like to see? Or, are the technologists only pushing efficiency, not really something new and exciting? Yes, automating processes is a guaranteed ROI, but what else do your customers want?

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Is it really new that we get obsessed when customer service stories go viral?

Obsession with news might not be new. I couldn’t find the location of this sculpture, but thought it had such an interesting message. Sometimes, when there is a “caught on camera” moment, it seems like everyone gets stuck on the topic as in the recent customer service issues and just like these figures look like they are stuck to the wall.. Please heed the warning.

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Innovating your customer journey? Can Sheeple now replace People?

Obviously not. Put a stake in the ground. Keep your customers and team members enthused. Don’t let either group be put off by a new process. Sheeple, by definition, are people that are docile and easily lead. With all new processes for our customer journey, we really must have enthusiastic humans doing their new part and help customers along the way as well.

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Everything is Temporary – From Burning Man to Your Customer Journey

We can learn a lot about service from art! The temporary Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Black Rock Dessert reminds us that our time with our customers is over in an instant! Do you pour your heart and soul into service like these artists do for this brief art festival? Well, you should! Make someone’s day just one customer journey at a time and it will last in their memories too!

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