Our clients prefer QAMS

Large Client

“A true test of a service quality company is one that can they deliver great service equally to both the smaller client and the larger one. I know 1st hand that Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers does both. Having used them as CEO of a national chain and also owner of a single unit BBQ Restaurant, QAMS has performed great. My manager at the single restaurant couldn’t believe the superior service level he has received.”

Large Client

“QAMS, your commitment to customer service is the best. There are many, many companies that could learn from you. If all service companies operated like you, doing business would be much easier.”


Smaller Client

“I have been a customer of QAMS for over 10 years and I would recommend QAMS to anyone.  QAMS responds quickly to any and all questions and even though I haven’t ever met the QAMS team, I feel like I have known them all my life.  QAMS is great!”


Retail Client

“Quality Assessments has been very fast to meet all the needs and special requests for mystery shopping our locations. Highly recommend QAMS to anyone looking for a great mystery shopper service!”

Experience the art of great customer service.

We are not involved in any shopper business that requires you to send money anywhere.