Value added service is an art,
not a given

Data is key to predictable value added service.
Are you receiving low scores or losing customers? 
Mystery shopping is the only way to collect the
needed data to get to 5-star service with every interaction.

Without data,
service cannot improve

Is your team really consistently representing
your brand? 
Other methods tell you about
situations but mystery shopping is the only
way to check for your specialized details.

Create a consistent,
valued added
customer experience today

Stop guessing. Have us check.

mobile technology

01. How does the art of customer service work?

Only by creating consistency can you have great service. We help you create a mystery shopping program that will capture all customer experience points, and review the feedback – allowing you to leverage surveys, and mobile dashboard technology to continuously improve.

02. Great, long lasting service is a must

Utilize our personalized surveys and reports to increase synergy

Quickly and easily use feedback to determine points of improvement

Multiply revenue through optimizing customer service practices

Simplify your findings with an intuitive dashboard and graphs

customer service
customer satifaction

03. Why QAMS?

Our 12-step IC shopper process ensures that only the best, most qualified shoppers complete your surveys, helping you quickly and accurately master the art of customer service.

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Will newly hired team members provide better service if you acknowledge them like Steve has been acknowledged for this photo?

You bet they will! Especially millennials! Art teaches us! Sometimes it’s contests/awards and sometimes it’s just simple acknowledgements. Steve Biro created this beautiful photograph with precise skill and expertise. Your newly hired team has skills in service that you might just have taught them or that they had in their back pocket all along. Why not do some serious acknowledgement when great service is observed by you or in a program. Define what you want your service to be and then reward those that mirror it! Steve has been acknowledged around the world for this photo. Do the same with your team when they provide great service.

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Can your team read discouragement like Damon portrays here?

Art teaches us! Is your customer experience empathetic and able to pick up on your customer’s sentiment on the internet, phone or in person? Damon just turns Abe’s feet in a bit, hides his face with his hand and creates cracks in the base as if it were falling apart and you know instantly that he’s portraying discouragement. As he was able to translate a sediment or feeling into this sand castle, can you also pick up on the fine points when reading your customers mood either on the phone or in person? Let’s hope so!

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Experience the art of great customer service.

We are not involved in any shopper business that requires you to send money anywhere.