Value added service is an art,
not a given

Data is key to predictable value added service.
Are you receiving low scores or losing customers? 
Mystery shopping is the only way to collect the
needed data to get to 5-star service with every interaction.

Without data,
service cannot improve

Is your team really consistently representing
your brand? 
Other methods tell you about
situations but mystery shopping is the only
way to check for your specialized details.

Create a consistent,
valued added
customer experience today

Stop guessing. Have us check.

mobile technology

01. How does the art of customer service work?

Only by creating consistency can you have great service. We help you create a mystery shopping program that will capture all customer experience points, and review the feedback – allowing you to leverage surveys, and mobile dashboard technology to continuously improve.

02. Great, long lasting service is a must

Utilize our personalized surveys and reports to increase synergy

Quickly and easily use feedback to determine points of improvement

Multiply revenue through optimizing customer service practices

Simplify your findings with an intuitive dashboard and graphs

customer service
customer satifaction

03. Why QAMS?

Our 12-step IC shopper process ensures that only the best, most qualified shoppers complete your surveys, helping you quickly and accurately master the art of customer service.

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When GPS leaves your customers in the parking lot (“Arrived!”), what does that do to your customer experience?

Art teaches us! When you see all these trash people in the street, does it remind you of your customers being left standing in the parking lot by GPS? Well, it should. Customers want to be directed all the way to their item, order counter or restaurant table. HA Schult created this exhibit of 1,000 trash people at locations around the globe. HA Shult was clear. He wanted to heighten our awareness about trash. The trash people stuck outside all lined up reminds me of how I feel when my GPS tells me “Arrived” and I can’t even see the name of the restaurant or store, much less how to find the product or what type of restaurant service to expect. What can you do to not lose that business and direct your customers the rest of the way?

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Rozin’s Penguins mimic your movement. Can you really mimic great service while merging or switching to AI?

Rozin’s Penguins mimic your movement. Can you really mimic great service while merging or switching to AI?
Art teaches us! Dan Rozin uses interactive art to mimic the movement of individuals standing in front of his art pieces. He has motorized each penquin to turn around and show their white chest when the art watcher it there and turn back around when not right in front of them. The viewer becomes a part of the art and the penquins dance. Can you do the same? Can you really mimic your deep rooted great service if selling your company to a larger organization or replacing team members with technology? Or do you lose that deep commitment to service without even realizing it?

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Experience the art of great customer service.

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