Value added service is an art,
not a given

Data is key to predictable value added service.
Are you receiving low scores or losing customers? 
Mystery shopping is the only way to collect the
needed data to get to 5-star service with every interaction.

Without data,
service cannot improve

Is your team really consistently representing
your brand? 
Other methods tell you about
situations but mystery shopping is the only
way to check for your specialized details.

Create a consistent,
valued added
customer experience today

Stop guessing. Have us check.

mobile technology

01. How does the art of customer service work?

Only by creating consistency can you have great service. We help you create a mystery shopping program that will capture all customer experience points, and review the feedback – allowing you to leverage surveys, and mobile dashboard technology to continuously improve.

02. Great, long lasting service is a must

Utilize our personalized surveys and reports to increase synergy

Quickly and easily use feedback to determine points of improvement

Multiply revenue through optimizing customer service practices

Simplify your findings with an intuitive dashboard and graphs

customer service
customer satifaction

03. Why QAMS?

Our 12-step IC shopper process ensures that only the best, most qualified shoppers complete your surveys, helping you quickly and accurately master the art of customer service.

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Be Brave – Alotta wrong can happen, so…

SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!

Art teaches us! Maybe the artist or the art itself. This Konig Gallery immersive art installation has attached 10,000 “I Hope” letters from around the world. So, what is your hope? My hope? Is for you to “Be Brave” about service. With the constant change “Alotta wrong can happen”. So, be brave and check around to make sure your new strategies, streamlined channels exceeds what your customer needs.

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Pivot like the Argents did, but don’t diminish great service with all this change!

Art teaches us! If we just stop long enough to think about service. Lawrence and Ann Argent changed up the color to blue from sandstone but kept the main bear concept the same. What a great change! Do the same. Change whatever you need to do BUT make sure to KEEP your commitment to great service – it just has to be there as the foundation. You might be going all virtual, or touchless, or starting new products, but make sure there are still far-reaching ways you can WOW your customers. Just like the sandstone color would have been bland, don’t automate so much that your service is bland too!

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Experience the art of great customer service.

We are not involved in any shopper business that requires you to send money anywhere.