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Think forward….. Don’t look back!

Customer Experience, Innovation and
Management All Balanced

Then, Manage Details Constantly!

Furrie Consulting
– Experts in

– connected customer
experience strategy 

– general management
& mystery shopping

– entrepreneurship &
critical thinking




Furrie Consulting


Serving large and
small corporations  

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01. Balanced experience at Furrie Consulting (from large, to medium to owning)

  • Over 14 years at American Express (Call Center, Strategy, Project Management)
  • Over 7 years at Medium Sized Start-ups (Strategy & Account Management)
  • Over 15 years business ownership (national, CEO directly involved in all functions)
  • Mystery Shopping technology and program expert
  • Customer experience and critical thinking expertise

02. Keep moving forward!

Innovation – As you stay ahead, we can help you think about our innovation from all angles.

Connected Customer Strategy – With years of experience in customer feedback, let us work with your team to make sure that all of your customer strategies are connected.

Critical thinking – Make sure your team is thinking critically everywhere in the company.

Manage – We can manage details to make sure revenue goals are met.

Move forward with your plans!

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customer satifaction

03. Why Furrie Consulting?

Our experience in both customer experience and CEO level management can effectively help you move your innovations forward! 

We’re ready!



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Good Service Now Requires “Beating The System”? So Broken. Now what?

SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!
Just like this broken glass turned into art by Symon Berger, what do we do now about service to fix it? Just this morning, I went to the grocery store and had to bag my own groceries while an unfriendly cashier just stood and watched (and it wasn’t Aldi’s). And then there’s this… AARP actually has a COVER STORY about service called “Beat The System! Get The Fair Treatment And Good Service You Deserve” by Allan Roth, September 2021. This name says it all. What can we do to set a new framework for service and create a version of service that is not so shattered, just like Berger did with his art?

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We’re All Tech Zombies! When they look up, what should your customer experience be?

SLOW DOWN! Reflect on the art & on your customer service!

Art teaches us! Even back in 2015, Antoine Geiger depicts what we definitely see today (Colossal article “The Attention-Sucking Power of Digital Technology Displayed Through Photography by Antoine Geiger, by Kate Sierzputowski, November 11, 2015). His art depicts people of all ages with their faces completely lost in their technology as if the rest of the world around them does not exist.

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Experience the art of critical thinking!

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