Value added service is an art,
not a given

Data is key to predictable value added service.
Are you receiving low scores or losing customers? 
Mystery shopping is the only way to collect the
needed data to get to 5-star service with every interaction.

Without data,
service cannot improve

Is your team really consistently representing
your brand? 
Other methods tell you about
situations but mystery shopping is the only
way to check for your specialized details.

Create a consistent,
valued added
customer experience today

Stop guessing. Have us check.

mobile technology

01. How does the art of customer service work?

Only by creating consistency can you have great service. We help you create a mystery shopping program that will capture all customer experience points, and review the feedback – allowing you to leverage surveys, and mobile dashboard technology to continuously improve.

02. Great, long lasting service is a must

Utilize our personalized surveys and reports to increase synergy

Quickly and easily use feedback to determine points of improvement

Multiply revenue through optimizing customer service practices

Simplify your findings with an intuitive dashboard and graphs

customer service
customer satifaction

03. Why QAMS?

Our 12-step IC shopper process ensures that only the best, most qualified shoppers complete your surveys, helping you quickly and accurately master the art of customer service.

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Like creating art in the cold, can your team be collaborative versus fixed?

Art teaches us! Michael Davies created this beautiful photo by tossing hot tea into the air. He simply mixed it up! Took something normally used to keep you warm and tossed it! How can you leverage both new technology and your service staff in various non-traditional ways to create better service? Do you let your team step out of their box and work collaboratively when it gets busy or are you rigid? And, are your artificial intelligence or robotics implementations creating an opportunity for more flexibility or reducing it? As Davies did for art, strive to create a culture where your employees adapt, change and collaborate to provide the very best customer journey.

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AI sold at Christies? Wow! What can you do to understand it all and help your customer journey?

Art teaches us! What can you do today to best understand how to integrate AI into your customer journey? Do you actually do a lot of it already but just not as broadly defined? I think so. Christies sold it’s first AI generated painting called Portrait of Edmond Belamy By G AN (Generative Adversarial Network) late last year for $432,000, 45 times it’s high estimate. And just last night, Kai-Fu Lee was on 60 minutes discussing his book “AI Superpowers, China, Superpowers and the New World Order”. In both cases, it’s clear that we all have to start to understand and think even today about how AI works and how it can improve the customer journey.

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Experience the art of great customer service.

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