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QAMS will provide you an objective view of your customer’s experience from the ease in setting appointments, the wait times to the quality/knowledge of the technician servicing your car needs. It is critical for you to be able to maximize profitability to improve operations, enhance customer service, develop brand loyalty and increase your return. QAMS can tailor to meet your unique industry needs.

At Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, we strive to help you provide a consistent, premiere experience for each of your customers! At each customer leverage points, our phone and location mystery shops, internal audits and exit interviews are completely tailors to your needs. The plan, the survey, the schedule and how you want to receive and analyze your service is set up to match your specifications.

No Set-Up Fee or Contract

We do not require a set-up fee or contract and can set up one time programs or ongoing initiative. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with the feedback.

Coverage areas

Our independent contract mystery shoppers cover projects in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Having been in the business since 1984, we have a large, very experienced base of shoppers.

Screened Independent Contract Shoppers

Each secret shopper is screened several times along the way for both fraud and quality. With an initial check of the reporting skills, we make sure only professional contractors are assigned. By scheduling shoppers early and paying them fast, we attract and maintain the very best shoppers throughout the country.

Multiple quality checks

Every step of the way, we verify quality. From the initial screening and testing, to checking each survey before you see it, we make sure very high standards are maintained. QAMS continuously rotate shoppers to make sure that you receive surveys without repetitive feedback.

Timely Turnaround

In today’s marketplace, quick turnaround of the feedback is essential. Surveys are completed and delivered to you by noon the next day or instantly using our mobile solutions.

Always completed

Once we have agreed upon your survey needs, we deliver upon those result 100% of the time. We do whatever it takes to get a qualified shopper to your location or call your call center in the time frame you specify.

Surveys Delivered When and Where You Need It

You decide if you want to receive surveys online or in emails. Once our shoppers have collected the data and it has been checked by our editors, you can select from a wide range of options to receive your surveys. You can receive them on a mobile device, in an email, online or print them out for your team. Feedback can be instantly or with a time delay that you specify.

Analytics and Reporting When and Where You Need It

Analytics and Reporting When and Where You Need It

Ongoing Project Management

We will be on top of your project with experience staff every step of the way. Our project managers constantly monitor your programs to make sure we meet your every need.

To set up a quick overview, simply contact QAMS with the time or call us at 800-580-2500 and a service expert will speak with you or reply to your questions quickly.

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