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What did you say? Our Low Calorie Option? – the art

If asked, how would your team answer the question “What is your low calorie option?” Do they have a good answer? Or, are they left to just guess? Great service is an art form. Here’s how 3 different places missed the mark and what they can do to connect with the customers.

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The Last Video Store Chain Survives – How?

The Last Video Store Chain Survives – How? We are in an age of technology for entertainment. Most households have paid services with their cable company, watch Netflix, Hulu or pick up a movie at a Red Box etc..  All of these things are completely convenient.  It make...

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Add “Good morning” not just “On your left”

Add “Good morning” not just “On your left” In a world where we are all super busy, what stands out as a positive experience each day? There is an awesome bike trail in Cincinnati, OH called the Little Miami Bike Trail. It’s well shaded, right next to a small river and...

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